Keno is a game of plain chance and is very close to Lotto games. The game was imported to the US by Chinese migrants in the 19th century. As withlottery games, it’s a very simple to wager on, and it is attractive as huge winnings are available for quite small bets. Keno is gambled on at taverns, clubs and rec centers all around the globe. Unfortunately it shares a further similarities with lotto games – horrendous expectations.

Intellectually, Keno found its way into online casinos as it’s an easy game to establish, and gambling hall operators wanted to ensnare the big real life Keno players online. What was even more in the aid of online gambling dens was that quite a few people were used to betting on Keno on video screens, so the shift on the web was a lower barrier that it was with chemin de fer.

Web Keno games is an exact duplicate of brick and mortar Keno games in as far as the inner workings of the game. Web Keno also permits you to buy cards for between 5c and five dollars, and pay in multiples of your ticket amount. Jackpot prizes exceeding fifty thousand dollars are to be expected.

A snap? Yeah. So there needs to be a catch? Yeah. The casino edge with Keno is 30 percent or more, the WORST of any online casino game. The chances of hitting a number is 0.25%. Keno is by a big margin the absolute worst game you possibly could play. If you feel like a game of luck enjoy one armed bandits. If you want to throw away money, play Keno. Exceedingly few players really win any meaningful returns.