Keno is one of the simplest casino games to bet on. When you discover how to bet on Keno, you will be able to find a Keno game in almost any Vegas casino or internet casino. Very much like Lotto, Keno came from China and was brought to the USA by Chinese expatriates in the mid-19th century. One of the main reasons to learn how to play Keno is the possible payout: in many internet casinos, a one dollar bet can pay out up to $50,000 in winnings. The rules for how to enjoy Keno are as simple as enjoying your local lotto.

Would you like to know how to play Keno? There are no chips required in this easy game of chance. Keno play consists of picking a minimum of 4 and a max of ten numbers, known as spots, between one and eighty. Your game is described according to the number of spots you select; for example, if you select eight numbers, you are enjoying 8-spot Keno. Winning numbers for any Keno game are randomly picked, and winners are decided on by how many of your numbers match the winning numbers. In some instances, such as in 10-spot Keno, payouts are bestowed if you do not match any of the numbers. If you understand how to play the lottery, you understand how to play Keno!

Normally, there are 2 choices for how to enjoy Keno. In most Vegas casinos there are Keno rooms specifically designed for gambling on the game. TVs known as Keno game boards are positioned in the room and show the outcome of every Keno draw. Almost all casinos hold Keno draws every 10 or 20 mins. For players who feel like participating in Keno outside the lounge, Las Vegas casinos have Keno screens all over the hall to show the results, and employees known as Keno runner circulating amongst the crowds, who will collect your ticket and return with your payout. Understanding how to play Keno means you will always have something going on when you are at the casino!

A further way to wager on Keno is video Keno. This is the variation playable at net casinos. Electronic Keno is similar to real-time Keno, except you do not have to wait 10 mins between games. Similar to slot machines, you can gamble on video Keno as often as you like. The pay outs for electronic Keno can be as high as $100,000 on a one dollar bet. Electronic Keno can for found at almost every online casino. So, now you know how to enjoy Keno.